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Six Types of Special Trucks that Various Industries Rely On

While growing up in the U.S, you may have been fascinated by the different trucks you saw on the road. Your favorite may have been a dump truck or a fire truck, but as an adult, you know trucks do much more than just fascinate children. From hauling goods here and there to helping businesses run their businesses, trucks are practically driving the U.S. economy.

But do you know that in addition to the traditional cargo trucks that we see on the highways every day, there are some special trucks too? Designed for very specific tasks and used for specific industry needs, special trucks often get less recognition than they deserve.

In this blog, we’ll tell you about six special trucks that are, in one way or the other, making an impact on your life!

Refrigerator Truck

Ever wondered how the departmental store stocked up the ice creams in the scorching heat? Ever looked at the frozen food section and paid heed to the fresh packs of various food items? We have refrigerated trucks, also known as reefers, to thank for that! Reefers are commonly used by the beverage and food industry.

Log Truck

We all love wooden furniture and logs of wood to warm up our homes during the winter. But transporting the heavy and large-sized logs isn’t an easy feat. With special log trucks, timber businesses, the furniture industry, and American households get wooden logs transported.

Mixture Truck

Construction industry heavily relies on trucks that help them mix and transport gravel, asphalt, and various other construction materials. Owing to their unique nature, these trucks are very case-specific.
A parked fire truck

Fire Truck

As the name says, a special fire truck is used by the U.S Fire Department to extinguish fires. Equipped with special gear and hoses, these trucks help save American lives and infrastructure.

Container Side Loader

For numerous businesses dealing with storage and warehouses, container side loaders increase efficiency and reduce costs. These special trucks with mounted cranes bring ease to the day-to-day operations of various industries.

Tanker Truck

From fuel tank trucks to water tank trucks, tanker trucks help transfer fluids from one place to the other. These trucks are used across a wide range of industries in the U.S. and are very common on the roads.

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