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Truck Driving Tips that All Truckers Should Know About

There are over three million truck drivers in the U.S. Out of these millions of drivers, most drive heavy-duty trucks on interstate highways, rough terrains, and in some of the most difficult weather conditions.

Termed as one of the most difficult occupations by the U.S Department of Labor, trucking is also one of the most popular occupations in the country. Helping businesses generate revenue, running the U.S. economy, and moving goods day in and out, the trucking industry is undoubtedly the backbone of the country.

At the same time, truck-related accidents are quite common and result in the loss of thousands of lives every year. To ensure the safety of truckers, fellow drivers, and pedestrians, here are some of the driving tips.

Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspection

As a trucker or owner of a cargo truck business, you must implement a preventive maintenance schedule. In addition, a pre-trip and post-trip inspection of the truck is a must to ensure that the vehicle is in the right condition to be out for a long haul.

Rest Well and Be Fit

As a trucking company owner, you must encourage your drivers to rest well before a trip. As a driver, you must avoid alcohol, OTT drugs, and other activities that may slow down your cognitive abilities or make you dizzy.

Maintain Speed Limits

Driving at a greater than allowed speed is known to be the foremost cause of truck accidents in the U.S. While out on the road, maintain speed limits and apply the three-second rule with the vehicle ahead of you.

Person driving a vehicle

Avoid Distractions

Distraction is the second biggest cause of truck-related accidents. Having lunch, looking at GPS, and using cell phones are some of the biggest distractions that drivers must avoid. As a trucking company owner, invest in a dashcam to monitor your driver’s behavior.

Be Cautious on the Road

Unlike other road transportations that have the liberty to act in split seconds, truckers have various limitations. Due to the large size of the vehicle and difficult maneuvering, cautious driving is the only way to prevent accidents. Keep an eye on blind spots, don’t change lanes, and signal appropriately to ensure your and others’ safety.

Invest in Quality Trucks

Lastly, a trucker must drive trucks of top-notch quality and the latest technology. If your trucks are worn out and are unsuitable to be taken out on the road, order cargo trucks online. Reach out to us at Sinotruk to buy China fuel tank truck, dump trucks, China semitrailers, and other Howo trucks.


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