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What is a Side Loader and Why Should You Use One?

Albeit having a smaller share in the global freight market, container side loaders are becoming increasingly popular. Offering increased efficiency, lower costs, less downtime, and quick turnarounds, container side loaders are the next big thing for haulers.

Also known as self-loading containers or side-lifter, container side loaders are now a part of most businesses’ freight operations due to their versatile functionality. If your business still hasn’t invested in a side loader, it’s about time to consider it.

And while you may be contemplating the costs of adding a side loader to your fleet of cargo trucks, let us tell you that it’s an investment with guaranteed returns! Read more to learn everything container side loaders can do for your business.

What is a Container Side Loader?

A container side loader is a heavy-duty truck with attached cranes. A side loader’s cranes can lift up to 100-120 tons of merchandise and move on a 360-degree axis. This means that a cargo container can be loaded, offloaded, stacked, and moved to another platform with no additional manpower or equipment. A container-side loader does all this within a few minutes and without any safety hazards.

Reasons to Invest in a Container Side Loader

Here are some of the reasons you should have a container side loader in your freight business fleet.

Increased Efficiency

A container side loader streamlines the movement of cargo in the warehouse and increases efficiency. This is because, in contrast to traditional loaders, which require extra manpower and hours of operations to load and offload containers will become obsolete with this latest technology.

A container side loader parked on the road

Lower Costs

You don’t need to invest in cranes, loading and offloading gears, and extra-human resources when working with container side loaders. Cut costs by investing in a one-for-all solution.

Lesser Downtime

Unlike other cargo trucks that take a minimum of 48 minutes to load and offload, a container side loader can be loaded or offloaded within 2-4 minutes by the driver himself. No more business disruption and losing precious hours.

Highly Functional

Owing to its unique features and attached cranes, a container side loader can be parked right next to the cargo container and load the cargo. The same is the case when offloading in tight spaces.

Order Container Side Loader Online

For the above-mentioned reasons and many more, side loaders are extremely useful for your business. If you want to buy a side loader, container China semitrailer, or Howo trucks, reach out to us at Sinotruk.

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