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Light Cargo Vans or Heavy-Duty Cargo Trucks, What’s Better for your Haul?

We all have been a fan of the small-sized light cargo vans that drove around our neighborhood when we were little. Some were our beloved ice cream vans, while others were delivery vans moving around the area to drop merchandise.

As we grew up and started driving on the freeways and highways, we found ourselves in awe of magnificent heavy-duty cargo trucks. Transporting giant-sized, heavy goods across states, these cargo trucks seemed to be the strongest transport on the road.

But what should you buy if you’re out to purchase a vehicle? What’s better for you: a cargo van or a cargo truck? Read on to find out!

Hauling Needs

The first thing to take into account is your hauling need. Do you need to transport fresh produce? Or are you looking to open an interstate trucking company offering transport to heavyweight goods? The distance you intend to cover and the weight you will carry will determine your hauling needs.

Load Weight

According to the U.S Department of Transport, all freight transportation has a Gross Vehicle Weight Ranking (GVWR). If you’re looking to carry less than 26,000 lbs. then a cargo van will fulfill your needs. If your merchandise is above and up to 80,000 lbs. a cargo truck is required.

Business Nature

And of course, your business’s nature is crucial to deciding which road transportation you should buy. For delivery services, laundry services, and local businesses, a cargo van works best. For large-scale transportation and cargo businesses, a heavy-duty cargo truck is needed.
A cargo truck on the road

Routes and Terrain

Not all road transportation can be driven on all terrains. Rough and hilly terrains require dump trucks. Whereas cargo vans and light trucks can be driven around plains and simple routes. So before you buy a cargo truck or van, think about where you’ll be driving.

Driver’s Skills

To drive a cargo truck, one must acquire a Commercial Driver’s License. This allows people to drive vehicles carrying more than 26,000 lbs. of weight. However, when leasing or buying a light cargo van, you don’t need a CDL or driving permit other than your own license.

Purchase Cargo Vans and Trucks Now

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