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How to choose Sinotruk truck cabin when you buy howo truck

     Sinotruk truck ,now it is popular in Africa and southeast asia,
      Choose a comfortable cabin is important  for the driver.
     Here we we take you look at sinotruk Howo truck cabin.
  Howo70 cabin ,without sleeper bed , this is ok for dump truck 
 Dump truck work area is  only 30-50km can choose this cabin 

 HW76 Cabin ,with 1 sleeper cabin .

If your truck work in rough road ,in the front can choose this bumper

 Sinotruk howo truck cain, 2 sleeper cabin 
This is popular for truck head which run long distance .

 Howo A 7 truck head ,with 1 sleeper bed

Howo t7 truck cabin ,with 2 sleeper bed

sitrak truck cabin ,

sinotruk N series truck cabin ,this is
sinotruck latest model in 2021 year

 Sinotruk  howo tx truck cabin 
When you buy howo truck from us ,we will introduce you the best specification
according to your local market .

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